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Connecting the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea, the province of Canakkale lies on either side of the Dardanelles shores, touching both Asia (Gelibolu Peninsula) and Europe (Biga Peninsula), of course there are ferries here across the water. 

The well-equipped Canakkale Marina, along with those of Karabiga, Gelibolu, Bozcaada and Kucukkuyu, is home to the colorful yachts which glide through the strait, making a stopover at Canakkale, to see this historical and mythological region, stage for the mythological war of Troy, which Homer immortalized in his Illiad. Archeological digs in Troy have proved that there had been nine separate periods of settlement. 

The small village of Behramkale is a lovely place, facing the Gulf of Edremit. It is founded on the site of Assos where there is the famous Temple of Athena built in the 6th-century BC. from the top of the acropolis, the panoramic view of the Gulf is breathtaking and the remains of Assos, surrounding the acropolis, are nice for visiting. Gokceada, the largest of the Turkish islands, and Bozcaada are also in this region and they have many camping facilities.

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