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The town is the neighbour of Fethiye through the Stream Eşen in the west; of Kale ( Demre) in the east; and of Elmalı town in the north. The town which is face to face with the Meis Island in the Mediterranean displays the priority given by its geography with its 70 kilometers long shore.

Kaş, is one of the fifteen towns of Antalya, which is the tourism heaven located in the lap of the Taurus Mountains.

The area (8951 km area) called Teke Peninsula today (Antalya Bay in the east, Fethiye Bay in the west) was defined as Lycia in the antiquity. Lycia was the neighbour of Pamphylia (Antalya and surrounding area) in the east, of Caria (Muğla and surrounding area) in the west, of Pisidia (surrounding area of Burdur- Isparta) in the north. The south of the area was surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The town of Kaş, as an important part of Lycian Area, constituted the south coast.

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