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HtR Travel The Village Cave

The Village Cave 

The Village Cave

Location : Avanos 

Category : Cave
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Number of Rooms : 6 Number of Beds :
Distance to City Center : 10 Distance to Airport : 60

This unusual hotel is housed within the ancient rock formations of Çavuşin, near Avanos, offering a unique and authentic experience.

In the 1950s, the old village of Çavuşin was abandoned due to the heavy erosion of the surrounding area. Now, having been stabilised, The Village Cave Hotel offers 6 rooms and a restaurant amid this stunning natural landscape, with much of it carved out of the rock itself.

Because of the geological structure of the region, the processed stones which are obtained from rock blocks produce heat and have humidity insulation feature. Thus, the temperature in the room is always protected dry and between +12 and +15 degree. Due to this, our rooms have natural climatic feature.


Tafana Room, Asmali Room, Ahir Room, Kemer Room, Sofa Room and Guvercinlik Room Totally 6 luxe room.

All rooms with : central air conditioning, fireplace, telephone, bathroom incl. hair dryer. The Village Cave Service & Facilities : 24 hour room service, internet, laundry service and local Turkish specialities..

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