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2. Turkey Daily/Daily Izmir tours/Ephesus & House of Virgin Mary  

Ephesus & House of Virgin Mary
Visit the pearl of the Agean the 'Ephesus Ancient City'. This site which once was a central trading port is worth visiting along with the House of Mother Mary, St.John's Basilica and Artemis Temple.

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2. Turkey Daily/Daily Izmir tours/Pamukkale & Hierapolis 

Pamukkale & Hierapolis
An unusual natural and historical site with the sparkling white castle -like cascades, Pamukkale is one of the most important highlights of Turkey, unique in the world.Warm calcium-laden mineral waters spring from the earth to cascade over a steep cliff, forming gleaming white travertine pools. The Romans built the health spa of Hierapolis here.

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2. Turkey Daily/Daily Izmir tours/Pergamum 

Drive along the coast of the Aegean Sea towards Pergamum. Pergamum which once was a major selletment in Asia Minor is definitely worth seeing. With it's Temple, Ancient theatre built on a steep hill and it's Gymnasium and Asclepion Medical Centre it is a unique site to visit.

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2. Turkey Daily/Daily Izmir tours/PMD TOUR (Priene-Miletus-Didyma)  

PMD TOUR (Priene-Miletus-Didyma)
Ephesus may be the creme-de-la-creme of the Aegean ruins but Priene, Miletus and Didyma are still important ancient settlements. Priene occupies a dramatic postion overlooking the Meander Valley and plain. Miletus preserves a spectacular theater. And Didyma has a Temple of Apollo vaguely reminiscent of the great temples at Karnak in Egypt.

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2. Turkey Daily/Daily Izmir tours/Sardes & Philadelphia 

Sardes & Philadelphia
This tour will allow you the visit of another remarkable sight in the Aegean area, Sardes, which was once the wealthy capital of the Lydian Empire and Philadelphia, one of the 7 Churches of Revelations, which played an important role in the spreading of thought patterns and activities of the Hellenistic civilization and Christian faith.

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2. Turkey Daily/Daily Izmir tours/Ephesus one day by Plane 

Ephesus one day by Plane
Are you on a tight schedule and want to see Ephesus anyway? This tour will take you to Ephesus and back without consuming your precious time. Leave Istanbul in the morning and be back in your Hotel room in the evening, having seen one highlight more today.

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