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HtR Travel 3. Turkey Package /Mediterranean Package Tours

3. Turkey Package /Mediterranean Package/Along the Mediterranean Coast (3D/2N) 

Along the Mediterranean Coast (3D/2N)
One the most exciting tours among the nature loving people. Relaxing and easy going tour to the picturesque western coast of Antalya. One who prefers to relax while gazing the beautiful bays and forest over towering mountains should not miss this tour.

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3. Turkey Package /Mediterranean Package/Dolphin Therapy Antalya Turkey (10 Days) 

Dolphin Therapy Antalya Turkey (10 Days)
We offer children/youngsters with a disability and their families the possibility to participate in a special therapy program lasting two weeks, in sunny beautiful surroundings of Antalya, in which the interaction with specially trained dolphins is an essential element. The additional aspects, like warm, clean seawater, pleasant climate, play and pleasure, all contribute positively to the therapy. When all factors are weighed up: swimming, working and playing with dolphins, then the therapy takes on a new dimension in which the next step can be worked on effortlessly!

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