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HtR Travel PMD TOUR (Priene-Miletus-Didyma)

PMD TOUR (Priene-Miletus-Didyma)  

PMD TOUR (Priene-Miletus-Didyma)
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Ephesus may be the creme-de-la-creme of the Aegean ruins but Priene, Miletus and Didyma are still important ancient settlements. Priene occupies a dramatic postion overlooking the Meander Valley and plain. Miletus preserves a spectacular theater. And Didyma has a Temple of Apollo vaguely reminiscent of the great temples at Karnak in Egypt.
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Pick up at 09:30 / Drop of at 17:00

During this tour you will visit:

*Priene - in its time, one of the most spectacular of all the ancient Ionians cities.

*Miletos - with its magnificent Theatre and the Byzantine fortress on the acropolis.

*Dydima - the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, one of the largest temples from the Hellenistic Period.

What Is Included In The Tour Rate:  
What Is Excluded In The Tour Rate:  
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